ALM of the client-side Web Part

  • The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) flow of the client side webpart starts from installation of the needed npm packages for solution.
  • Creation of SPFx project using Yeoman SharePoint generator 
  • Implementing web part code using No JavaScript, Knockout, React or Angular
  • Build using Gulp serve
  • Test webpart locally in SharePoint Workbench and deploy and test in UAT/pre-production for testing
  • Shipping & deploy package solutions using Gulp
  • Add SPFx solutions to tenant app catalog
  • Install solution from tenant app catalog to site collection or site level
  • New version can upgrade existing solution
  • Uninstall solutions from site level & app catalog
  • Deploy, retract & remove solutions from/to app catalog

Features of SPFx Client-side Web Parts:

  • Lightweight – As it uses JavaScript Libraries, CSS & HTML
  • Responsiveness   – It renders on any device and supports various resolutions


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