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Chat bot

Let us create a demo chat bot for Help Desk

For example: Organization handle help desk tickets using Service now, Sales force, IBM Maximo & many more ways including custom applications or intranet portals. Let us create a chat bot to get generate a ticketing system.

To create the new Chat Bot,  click on bot panel and create new bot


Provide new bot a name & create

Help Desk
Creating your bot
Home-Screen of Help Desk Chat bot

When you select Topic, we can find options to create entire new topic or suggest topic.

If you select suggest topic, it will ask to provide web page links. Bot will get suggestions from you links provided containing content such as question and answer pairs that you would like your bot to handle. To modify our greeting text which is provided in system topic, click on Greeting


You can find Name, description triggering phrases & authoring canvas

Authoring Canvas

If you click on authoring canvas which is the flow view canvas, you can edit respectively & save it.

Edit Save Authoring Canvas

Create new topic with questionnaire by which help desk chat bot performs. Provide name, description trigger phrases and click on authoring canvas by which Topic will be saved (default)

Create Topic

In authoring canvas, it shows us to proide message.

Canvas Topic Opions

Based on the trigger phrases provided, bot has options to add new actions like Ask a question, call an action, show a message, go to another topic and end of the topic when it forwards to survey ot transfers to agent.

For help desk bot, we have provided triggering phrases now let us add a question to get user email address & save it in entities. For this let us select ask a question and delete message section.

In question section, identity – which helps bot to pick out specific information from user’s response. Save response as in a custom or predefined variable as shown in below image

Ask a question

Add a thank-you message and ask another question in authoring canvas to select a category by providing multiple choice option. Set Options for user as Software, Hardware, Ticket, Other. Save response as hdSelectedCategory. You can see tree structure for options will be generated in authoring canvas.

Extend question

Now add a message to each node and ask a question for each category and store user’s entire response in a variable. Then trigger flow using http service so that it will generate email request from flow.

Generate Flow

Power automate – flow template will be generated in another tab. It connects with HTTP request with along 2 inputs variables and response to power virtual agent with 2 output variables.


Now save flow to attach post URL. Go to solution tab in Power Automate & create a new solution


Click on the solution to add existing flow which was created earlier under Outside Solutions tab from Power Virtual Agent and add it to the solution.

Select Solution
Add Existing Solution

Now edit flow added to solution. Change the input parameters to map the input variables from power virtual agent hdSelectedCategory & hdIssueText. Initialize flow variable respectively and add a switch condition based on the category which will send email to specified department admin. Create output variable in flow to return success message to Power Virtual Agent Chat Bot. Save the changes to solution.

Completed Flow

Now, go back to Power Virtual agent authoring canvas and select call an action for each tree node to attach flow.


Add success message which gets returned from flow to power virtual agent. End the conversation with the survey and save.


Now publish it & test this chat bot


Flow gets triggered & executes successfully


Add this chat bot to custom website. Go to channels under Manage options and select custom website and copy embed code.

Embed Code

Copy html code to notepad and save it as testbot.html. Open it in browser


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